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Design Color Rack

New Designed Color Racks
304 of the world¹s hottest designer colors in a user friendly layout, including new large 2.5² x 5.25² chips of solid color. No more guessing with tiny chips.


Sheet & Binders 7.5” x 11” Large Color Sheets
Imagine this brochure as one giant color chip.
Bigger is better when it comes to choosing color.
Available for sale in a selection of 304 colors at participating Muralo dealers. Also available in special order binders.
Color Album Color Album
The complete line of over 1,200 colors, arranged in chromatic sequence from darkest to lightest in 200 color families and 32 featured off whites.

This album will help simplify choosing the perfect color.
Tester Quarts Tester Quarts
An inexpensive way to see exactly what a color will look like. Just enough paint to view colors in different lights, at different times, next to different fabrics. Exactly what’s needed to capture the perfect color.
Deck Architect Kit
Fabulous 5.25” x 2.5” solid color chips that are convenient,
colorful and forever classic. Available in the complete line of over 1,200 colors.
Fan Deck Fandeck
The color palette of over 1,200 colors, arranged in 200 families. Each family features 6 colors in a let down
from light to dark or pastel accent.